Modcloth Layering with style

The weather has certainly changed, its sooo cold, but having to wrap up warm doesn’t mean we can’t do it in style.

I find that I’m not great with big thick jumpers etc I prefer to layer my outfit so I stay warm but I can strip off easily when I need too. I have hot flushes thanks to medication so layers is the way for me.

Modcloth has some amazing layers that allow me to stay warm but express my own style too.

Below is my perfect winter’s day outfit.

I love this long sleeve cardigan its cheerful and funky and reminds me so much of minnie the minx that I had to love it. Modcloth do have an amazing range of cardigans I want one or maybe three of them.

My second layer would be this beautiful lace top anyone who knows me knows how much I love lace. This top makes me feel a little victorian and that so good. It’s a little gothic which is sooo me.

My third and bottom layer is a basic knit top which is a must have wardrobe essential. Basic but lovely.

I have finished my outfit off with a this gorgeous Bohemian bag, why simply why not it’s beautiful.

Modcloth make looking good so easy. Their clothes are so fun and stylish.

my modcloth layering style


Long sleeve cardigan
£43 –

Long sleeve lace top
£30 –

Knit top
£16 –

Bohemian bag
£46 –

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