I absolutely hate any form of confrontation and will go out of my way not to upset others. Yet when I see people hurt others or generally be rude and disrespectful I can become a mother hen in psycho mode.

So this weeks fat shaming television programmes and Twitter status’s have really wound me up. I mean from she who should never be named to Lord Sugar what is the world coming too.

Yet even I couldn’t believe it when I read that Steve Miller had suggested a tell a friend they are fat day. I mean his bio states him to be motivational, seriously WHAT.

Completely shocked at this I just didn’t know how to respond besides maybe suggesting his friends had a #tellyourfriendSteveheisaprat day.

Thankfully Rivkie editor at Slink Magazine responded in a more professional and helpful way. Teaming up with fashion blogger Kate London James they proposed the campaign #youarefab.

“Encouraging both men and women (of any size) to tell a friend why they’re great and why they value and respect them, instead of thinly veined attempt to harm their confidence.”


How awesome is this.

As a mom of three teenage girls I have watched the damage the word fat can cause. The perception that fat means unhealthy is so wrong, healthiness and size can vary in so many ways.  The rising of such unhealthy stereotypes and bias’ in the younger generation is leading to higher levels of eating disorders, self harm and mental health issues.

As Rivkie states”A persons size does not, without consideration of other factors determine someones health. This campaign is not only an open invitation for bullying, but scientifically flawed due to Miller’s refusal to take into consideration the numerous factors that determine our health. If Miller’s concern was real, would he not have be better placed running a #letsgetfit campaign”

I’m not sure if Steve Miller is following the principal of any publicity is good publicity but again seriously!

Life should be about building people up not tearing them down. Steve are you also telling your friends that drink or smoke to change their lifestyles or is it just fat people you don’t like or you can make money from?

Anyway I just want to say thank you Rivkie and Kate because my social media feed has been alive today with such friendship and compassion. You have taken a campaign that could have destroyed many and turned it to one that has uplifted more.

So today take to your social media platforms and use the hashtag #youarefab to tell your friends how much you love and admire them.

I know I will be. xxx



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