Who am I…

Find your blogging niche.

What is your main focus?

Which category does your blog fit into?

These questions are asked each day in the blogging world.

I recieve emails asking for me to define who I am.

Yet I can’t really answer these questions.

Because this blog is me.

The words on these pages are the words of my heart

I don’t fit into any category

I cannot be defined

This could be a craft blog

Maybe one about plus size fashion.

Or could it be a blog about a mothers grief.

It can and it is.

It’s all these rolled into one.

My blog is just like me.

Multi dimensional with so many different loves and different passions.

I learn something new each day.

I get challenged, moved and inspired.

One day I could write about a DVD or a book that ive enjoyed

The next about disability and life as a special needs mama.

I change each and every day

Growing, learning.

You know for so long I have tried to fit somewhere.

A niche, a group, club.

Searching to belong.

But lately I have realised that this is wrong.

I don’t have to be just one thing.

Fit in one place.

I can embrace everything and you my readers can do so along with me.

This blog is my journey

It is full of ups and downs.

Of  moments I will cherish forever and those I may wish to forget.

This blog has opened my world wider than I could have imagined.

Allowed me experiences I could never have dreamed and blessed me with friends I truly cherish.

To try and categorise this blog is impossible because I change each and every day and it changes with me.

In the words of Lewis Carroll



I do not fit in any niche besides the one named Sara.

The perfect niche for me.

2 thoughts on “Who am I…

  1. I totally understand what you mean. I hate being put into a box as if that one thing is the only thing that defines me. Youre awsome and I shall be over to read your blog more often. Ive just started blogging again and love meeting new folk xxx


  2. I totally get this. I struggle in the blogging world because I have no niche, I blog for me, I blog about what I want to write about, whatever that may be. As you say though, there’s nothing wrong with that, and acceptance is the way forward.


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