Merry Christmas Livvy

The last few days I have been so low. Whoever stole Livvy’s tree stole more than they could ever have realised from me. My whole Christmas spirit went along with it.

I couldn’t get my head around the fact that someone could steal off a child’s grave.

I mean how could they?

Yet again over the last few days something else began to shine through.


I have been uplifted by messages from friends.

People looking about for a new tree and lights.

It’s been this compassion that slowly lifted me from the darkness I was falling into.

Yet still yesterday I was sad, the empty place where the tree should have been was still hurting to see.

So imagine my excitement this morning when a friend called me to say she had found a tree. I was jumping for joy.

After two days of searching my baby was going to have a tree for Christmas.

My heart is so happy.

Decorating and placing this tree has really lifted my spirit.

I know not all will understand my need or my sadness but this is all I can do for my daughter now. I need to honour her.

Remember her.

It is important that her special place is decorated as our home is.

So thank you dear friend.

Merry Christmas Livvy.


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