Lets end going home alone.

There is one constant in life and that is we all get older.

Its something that happens to us all eventually.

We all hope that when we get to this stage in our lives we will have family support and people around us.

Yet the truth is sadly for some there isn’t people available to support them.

It’s because of this I am happy to get behind the Royal Voluntary Service, “Let’s end going home alone” campaign.




The RVS realise that far to many older people are having to struggle on their own when they get home from a stay in hospital.

So the ” Let’s end going home alone” campaign is calling for home to hospital support for every older person who needs it, so that no one has to go home alone. With a little help from a caring volunteer older people won’t have to struggle on alone. Being alone can lead to loneliness, not eating well, accidents and all too often readmission back to hospital.

I think the campaign is fantastic, I know I would have hated for my grandparents to have to go home alone.

If you think you could be a volunteer or help raise awarness for this campaign please check out the Royal Voluntary Service website and learn more.



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