On our 18th Wedding Anniversary

Dear Alan, 

When I was younger the concept of 18 years seemed like forever. 

Now today as we celebrate our 18th year of marriage it feels only a snapshot in time.



Still in those 18 years we have lived a life filled with moments that will never leave our hearts.

Anniversary 2


We have loved and we have lost.

Been filled with both joy and so much pain. 

Together through all this we have grown stronger.

Anniversary 3


May God continue to weave our hearts into one.

May he continue to look upon us with his love.

May our lives be filled with laughter. 

anniversary 4


Let us cherish our memories of times past and loved ones missing.

As we embrace the future with the desire to make so many more moments matter.

annivesary 5


You are the flip side to my penny.

The left to my right 

The sun to my moon.

I love you my dear husband.

I am so grateful I got to be your bride.

Anniversary 6


With a love that will span this lifetime and on.

Eternity is ours.

Today, tomorrow, forever 

My heart is yours


I love you.

Sara xxx

anniversary 7

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