Liz McClarnon @ Fashion World

I have been trying to work hard on my fittest. I use the word trying as life seems to keep getting in the way.

But regardless of my lack of dedication, I have been swimming more, dancing around the house and maybe doing the occasional dvd of yoga fitness.

So when given the opportunity to review the Liz McClarnon range from Fashion World I was rather excited.



First off I love these dance pants.




While leopard print is not my thing the quality of these dance pants is amazing.

I remember back when I actually taught dance most pants were rather transparent. These Liz McClarnon pants are so luxurious.




The slouch sweat top is gorgeous. It is rather thick so not really great for a sweaty gym session but perfect for throwing on afterwards as you cool down.

I will be wearing this top with my skinny jeans as well as its so versatile and cute.

The thickness of it will be perfect for this coming winter, did you read we will be having loads and loads of snow.




The whole Liz McClarnon range @ Fashion World is well worth a look, I have my eye on one of the swimsuits next.




*I received this items for the purpose of a review but all opinions are my own.



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