What a weekend!

On Friday I started a campaign called #nomoreemptyarms.

It was a way of raising awareness for Rett Syndrome

I was hoping that it would stir the hearts of everyone, everywhere.

I asked people to take a photo with their loved one in their arms and upload it to social media sites with the hashtag


I wanted to hit home what Rett Syndrome can take from people.

What it had taken from me.

Nomoremptyarms correct


I have been overwhelmed by the response.

All over the world people have joined in.

I am so excited.

I think we can take this even further.

October has 31 days let’s make each one of these days count.

Let’s get #nomoreemptyarms trending on all sites.

Share posts with all your family, friends, co-workers,

Tweet celebrities, journalists, pop stars, MP’s everyone.

Let’s bring the fight to Rett syndrome and say #nomoreemptyarms

My arms are empty but this weekend my heart has been overflowing.

Thank you all so much xxx

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