Weekly wishlist

So here are my fashion picks for this week.


What can I say about this dress from ASOS Curve, its just super cute and I want it.


My second choice is something that may surprise many, even my husband was shocked when I tried to convince him of my need.

Its a Tweed Blazer from BON PRIX and I simply think it oozes elegance while also having a real edge to it.

It’s certainly taken a top spot in my dream wardrobe.




My last choice is a dress from Simply Be that just caught my eye as I was browsing the website.

I can’t tell you why i love it really. Yes it has style and yes its my favourite shape but to be honest there is something about it that just spoke to me.



It simply said “Come to Sara”.


I think its smart and sassy and will be perfect for travelling and attending my upcoming conferences.


*Click the photos for links.

*All opinions and choices are my own.



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