Tarzan – Review & Giveaway



Tarzan is a great film, it has many funny, scary even shocking parts which all makes it really interesting.


The film is all about Tarzan a boy who was the only survivor from a helicopter crash which killed his parents.


He grew up in the jungle raised by a group of Gorilla’s.


Life in the jungle was happy until greed came to play.


Without spoiling the story  Tarzan is a film with love, comedy and hard parts.


My favourite part is the relationship between Tarzan and Jane, such different people falling in love.


I’m glad that this film is PG as there are some parts that may be scary for very young children. Such as the ones where the gorillas are fighting.


However, it is a great film and it is very entertaining and well worth a watch.


TARZAN will be available on digital download, Blu-Ray 3D/2D and DVD from 25 August


Review written by Brodie.


I have a 2 Tarzan merchandise packs available  to giveaway which include a rucksack, bug viewer, T-shirt, twig pencil, and water filterer.


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