A Tiger’s Tale – Review








When the zoo’s tiger cub Luna escapes her enclosure and crawls into Billy’s backpack a whole adventure for the little cub is beginning.


Billy finds her on the car ride home and he decided to hide her from his parents and get her back to the zoo as soon as possible but he’s not too sure how to do that.


Billy has a hard time hiding Luna from his parents and Buster their dog doesn’t make it any easier for him.


Billy’s friend Koby is then told about Luna and has a hard time not telling anyone.


Eventually the boys that tease Billy and Koby find out and in front of Doreen (the girl Billy has a huge crush on) and the other girls proposes that Luna should be shown to them the day after and if they didn’t show a beating would be the consequence.


Through the time that Billy gets Luna he gets into all sorts of predicaments that are funny and entertaining to watch!


A Tigers Tale provided a good story line that people of all ages would enjoy. It was filled with lots of humour and unexpected turns which made the film very exciting to watch.


The soundtrack made the film better too as it was fitted perfectly with the scenes.


The film is very family friendly.


A Tigers Tale shows kids the importance of honesty and the consequences of lying.


The tiger cub Luna makes the film cute and adorable which mixes perfectly with the comedy.


I would recommend this film to anyone and all ages as it is really a film anyone can enjoy from kids to adults. It is clean and teaches important messages making it perfect to show to children but can also be enjoyed by adults.


Reviewed by Eden xxx

*Review copy given for purpose of this review.

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