The Killing Season – Mason Cross



This book took me a few pages to get used to. The swapping between three perspectives got me a little lost but before long it became second nature.

The book is exciting as it keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering where next the action will happen.

The anticipation is fantastic and I had me not wanting to put the book down as I just couldn’t wait to read what happened next.

Though at times I did wish it would venture more into the back story for two of the characters as I think that could be explored a little more.

The book has intrigue, it has human connection along with murder, mayhem and of course pure greed a perfect recipe for any good thriller.

I really enjoyed the character Blake and can’t wait to learn more about him in future books. He certainly seems to be a man with a story to tell.

A really good read with a realness about it that I admire. Looking forward to more from this author.

This book is released April 24th and for anyone who loves a good adrenaline packed thriller i highly recommend.

*I reviewed it as part of Net Gallery.




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