Making a difference for sufferers of IBS

I suffer from a condition called IBS , Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Its not a major talked about condition, I believe people find the subject embarrassing. But as a sufferer it really impinges on my life.

In fact it affects the life of 1 in 5 people in the UK.

It’s one of those conditions that can impact on all of your life. Its also something that I am still trying to control.

So when asked to take a look at Bimuno I was intrigued.


Picture 22709

“Bimuno® Intestinal Bifidobacteria Aid (IBAIDi) s a new and convenient way to help maintain intestinal balance and comfort. This unique patented formulation has been specially developed by international experts in digestive health.


Bifidobacteria are naturally occurring ‘good’ bacteria, present in the gut, which help maintain gut health. Scientific studies indicate that the unique second generation prebiotic Galacto-oligosaccharide formulation of Bimuno IBAID, helps encourage and sustain a healthy level of these ‘good’ bacteria. By helping to increase and strengthen your Bifidobacteria, you can help to maintain intestinal comfort.


I am interested in this as its a prebiotic not a probiotic that means that it doesn’t contain live bacteria it just encourages your own “good bacteria”. Helping maintain a healthy intestinal balance.

Many people really underestimate the effect IBS can have on a person, just take a look at this article and read how this lady was suffering and how much Bimuno changed her life.

I have tried various methods over the last 20 years and after reading the reviews I certainly  think Bimuno is worth a try.






* This is a sponsored post.


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