The need for speed.

Sometimes the best moments can be found from the joy of others.

Today was one of those days.

Last year for Father’s Day I treated my husband and my Dad to a driving experience with Driveme. They both choose to drive the Audi R8. Now I know nothing about cars but it looked pretty awesome.

Alan took to the track first and from the look on his face he had an amazing time. He was followed by my dad who came off looking as if he wanted to go again.

Lets just say I may have started something with these gifts as both Dad and Alan signed up for their next experience.

Well at least thats fathers day covered for the next few years.

As for me I loved every moment of the event.

Watching the two men I care for most in the whole world have a great was time was amazing.

Both these guys mean the world to me so i’m so glad I got to watch them have fun.

IMG_0178 IMG_0181 IMG_0138IMG_0204

Making memories 


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