Sorry for the lousy service

What a crazy few weeks!

Ever since the horrid stomach flu took hold I have been playing a game of catch up. Never getting ahead and only at moments barely scratching the surface.

Life just gets so busy

Life just gets so overwhelming.

I’ve been feeling as if I’m a yo yo on a string.

Up and down

Walk the dog

And the very apt “over the hill.”

I love my busy life, having a household of four incredible kids is exhausting but so much fun.

Yet I’m sure at times God just decides to have a little fun and lump all my appointments together.

We then have to add sickness, exams and birthdays to the mix.

A sprinkle of theatre performances and a topping of a new hamster


The final result is a well and truly baked Sara.

Again week I have more appointments a file full of paperwork and a load of blog posts to write.

I also have a university or two to visit.

While planning my charities next event and my ladies get together.

So I apologise that it’s a little quiet around here right now.

I do hope to resume normal service as soon as possible or at least before the kids leave home.

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