Not feeling groovy

After tweeting with the amazing Kate @kateonthinice I decided I was going to blog and be totally honest. As yes we all do have moments, days and weeks that simply suck.

This is mine.

I have been fighting a stomach virus for the last week which drs believe is now mostly due to my immune system going haywire.

I ache all over and to be honest are having the period from hell (she didn’t just mention the monthly thing did she). Oh yes I did that crappy monthly thing that curses woman of a certain age is driving me insane and leaving me in pain.

The thing is I simply don’t have time to be ill. I have a life to lead and things to do.

How dare sickness invade my carefully laid plans.

To be honest I think this is where my real problem lies.

I love it “when a plan comes together” but fall apart when my plans get messed up.

Today I should have been having a lovely lunch with my stepmom. Wandering around the garden centre and having a general catch up.

But instead I am stuck at home feeling generally sorry for myself and whinging to anybody that will listen.

So yes instead of being a groovy mum today I am simply a miserable one.


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