Being kind isn’t easy.

Being a parent is hard especially when your children are struggling. My maternal instinct wants to jump in and to fix everything. Yet sometimes
you have to step back and allow themselves to find their own way. It’s allowing them to grow and learn.

But as I said it isn’t easy.

My youngest daughter is struggling right now, the maze that is friendship is leaving her feeling lost and confused.

The problem is she has a kind heart.

How wrong is that statement?

A kind heart should never be a problem but when dealing with the emotions and complications of friendship it can cause you a lot of pain.

When you want everyone to be happy.

When you want kindness to be the overwhelming emotion in a cruel world.

My girls have been through so much. They have faced so much pain in their short lives and it breaks my heart that they have suffered so much.

They have such compassionate hearts which makes me as their mom so proud.

I just hate seeing this compassionate heart causing my little one so much pain.

How do I protect her?

How do I ask her to stop caring, to not worry about others?

I can’t can I?

We are on a journey searching for balance right now?

Trying to even the scales between kindness and protection.

I cannot bare to see my little girl in pain. Yet she cannot bare to see sadness in others.

How do I teach a child who wants to fix that not everything in this world is fixable?

How do I protect her sweet heart?


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