I’m not impressed Weight watchers

I’m not a big television advert fan. I tend to watch most programme’s recorded and forward through them swiftly.  I find the whole advert time wasted time. Yet a day or so ago while resting in a hotel room I caught myself watching a Weight Watchers advert. It was the one with a mom talking about how her daughter feels and how they have got closer since she has lost weight.

Well for a second or two I felt so guilty.

Do my daughters feel this way?

Does my weight effect my relationship with my daughters?

Well the guilt trip only lasted for a little while before the anger set in. How dare weight watchers make out plus size parents aren’t good parents.

Ok ok maybe they didn’t actually state that but for the innuendo was surely there.

I have a very close relationship with my daughters. We enjoy life and have so much fun. My size does not effect the fun we have together.

My daughters have also learnt that people should be judged on personality and their hearts and not their size.

I’m sorry but this advert has seriously rubbed me up the wrong way.

Plus size people are no different than anyone.

Relationships are not or should not be based on size.

If my daughters and I argue it’s because of our personalities not our sizes.

The size of my waist doesn’t not define me as a mother.

I love my girls and they love me extra wobbles and all.


6 thoughts on “I’m not impressed Weight watchers

  1. Oh, the diet industry is an insidious beast. Did you know it makes about 60 BILLION DOLLARS a year? This is how they do it, by insinuating fat people are worthless. No wonder the world is f*cked. Reject this crap, tell your daughters to reject it. Sometimes I’m glad I’ve never been able to have a child, because bringing one up in this world would break my heart. x x


    1. admin

      It is so wrong, I’m used to them telling me I can’t live a full life or socialise like a thin person but knocking my mothering skills is too far.


  2. Wendy

    I totally agree with you, this advert made my blood boil. How dare they state that someone is closer to their daughter because they now weigh less. I’ve complained to the advertising standards agency for the first time ever over this. Your post came up in my google search , so I’m glad I’m not alone in being offended by this.


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