My greatest decision.

My twelve year old daughter lies beside me. Her gentle snores whisper through the night. Cuddles and stories have led to her falling asleep beside me. It’s so very special and so very missed.

Nights of stories and cuddles were swapped for iPhones and DVDs.

Telling me all about her day changed to a closed door and the tapping of keys.

My girls are growing up and I’m afraid. Afraid they will no longer want to sleep in my arms.

Share their dreams and adventures.

My eldest reaches adulthood this year and my heart is filled with fear.
I have to let her go, watch her spread her wings and fly. University, leaving home, independence.

I am so proud of my girls even when their teenage tantrums drive me insane.

But letting go isn’t easy.

Motherhood is the greatest gift I have ever been given.

But as I watch my daughter sleep I realise something. I’m not losing my daughters as they grow. I’m gaining young beautiful woman who will set the world alight in whatever they wish to do.

With their sweet hearts they will love on others and bless this world.

They will grow and age but they will also live and learn.

The whole world is there for them to explore. Life becomes the greatest adventure.

And I will be their biggest fan, watching, waiting, supporting them in all they wish to achieve.

Yes there comes a time when they have to leave home.


They will never leave my heart.

And as for cuddles at bedtime my arms are always open wide for my beautiful girls.

My greatest decision

3 thoughts on “My greatest decision.

  1. fiona

    Don’t worry about them growing up, they come back.
    I too am a foster carer and have been fostering for twelve years, our first foster son is now 25, lives locally and is always there to help when called upon.
    My birth son is 21, away at Uni, and we still had a cuddle and a little weep together over toy story at Christmas.
    My birth daughter is 18, and about to go to Camp America before starting Uni next Autumn. We spend most Sunday Mornings together at the gym, in the sauna and Jacuzzi, she fills me in on all details of her life and respects my advise, we holiday together, and she has grown to be my friend and confidant.
    My relationship with all three is closer now we are out of the teens, it is adult and mature and filled with much love.
    yours will be too. X


  2. I’m so worried about my girl. She is so easily lead in some ways although she is head strong too. Last weekend she called me and said she had been drinking and she was in a car with some boys. I instantly got so worried and that worry is in me everyday now. I told her dad and he wasn’t happy so we will see what happens in the future, but I had a long talk to her the next day as she does listen to me and take my advice although I live far away. I do miss the everyday responsibility in one way and that would perhaps have made it easier to deal with being a mum than rather being so far away. Love your blog xx


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