New Year honours for a man who gave hope,

I don’t normally get excited about the News Years honours and to be honest I was a little disappointed when David Beckham didn’t get one. So imagine my joy when I heard the news that Dr Adrian Bird had been awarded a Knighthood.

As I may have mentioned
before Dr Adrian Bird is my real life hero. His dedication and discoveries in Rett syndrome research has brought hope into the lives of many.

This knighthood is in my opinion probably the most ever deserved but of course I am super bias.


I was gutted earlier this year when he wasn’t awarded the Nobel prize so I am elated to find that he has been recognised in this way.

So is it Sir Adrian Bird


Sir Doctor Adrian Bird

Or maybe

Dr Adrian Bird KT

Whichever I am super excited for him and his family.

A great start to a new year and let’s hope it’s also the beginning of an exciting year for Rett syndrome research.

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