Every moment is a gift.

Dear Kate 

For a long time now I have followed your journey on Facebook the heartbreaking diagnoses of Tay-Sachs Disease for your beautiful daughter Brook has made my heart ache for you all.

You have walked this pathway with such strength I can only admire.

You desire to share every moment with Brook creating memories and making sure she knows she is loved is simply inspirational.

The photos of Brook have both blessed and broken my heart at the same time.

You are a amazing lady and I know you will not accept this but you are truly inspiring.

Your handsome son Jake has shown such courage and grace and I know you are so very proud of him. He is certainly an amazing big brother to Brook and a credit to you and the way you have raised him.

I cannot imagine what you are going through right now. I think back to the time when the hospital told us we would lose Olivia unless her seizures came under control. Even in that darkness we had hope and for a few more years we had that hope. But sometimes hope fades and for this my heart breaks.

Seeing Brook reach her third birthday was so wonderful and I actually screamed out loud when she was here for Christmas Day. My family all though I was crazy until I shared your story.

It was the sharing of this story then that made me decide to share It again here on my blog.

My husbands words of “every moment is a gift” struck straight at my heart.

You have struggled these last months but in a grace filled way that I have  respected greatly and if by sharing your story here I can help you to be able to cherish every moment you can with Brook then I’m happy to do so. I know I so wish I could do more.



Dear blog readers

I share with you the story of a beautiful little girl who has the terrible disease Tay-Sachs, who is now living on borrowed time. A little girl who is so very loved by her mommy and big brother and many many more.  Kate, is an amazing mom who wants nothing more than to spend as much time as she has with Brook.     To help Kate do this her friend has set up a giving page to raise funds to allow her take unpaid leave from work and to be by Brook’s side.

Every moment with Brook is priceless so please, please make a donation to this worthy cause. Nothing is too small honestly.

Please help me to help make every moment count for this beautiful family.


Dear Brook

Your are a beautiful young lady who has blessed the hearts of so many. You have shown such strength and courage. You have reminded us all of the gift of life.

I will forever hold you in my heart. xxxx



Dear Kate 

The next days, months, years, forever are going to be hard but please know that although many miles separate us I am here for you always.





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