Walk A Mile

“Never judge a woman until you have walked a mile in her shoes”.


There are many versions of the above quote but the sentiments are all the same and it’s something that’s really on my heart right now.

 I see social media full of timelines of criticism and judgement and my heart sinks. None of us anywhere at anytime knows exactly how another is feeling.

Yet we are quick to jump to conclusions.

 We need to stop and think a little.

We do not know what is happening in the lives of others so we need to learn to be more compassionate and less judgmental.

The shop assistant who is going slow may have been up all night tending to a sick child.

The driver that cuts you up maybe rushing to the hospital for the birth of his child.

There are so many things we cannot see.

Yet we are still so willing and so eager to cast judgement.

The friend that doesn’t return your call.

How easy is it to feel anger and upset.

To feel let down.

Still we need to think beyond the moment.

Does the friend normally reply straight away?

Is there a reason why they cannot?

We are viewing life from an internal perspective.  Yet to really enjoy life and be happy we need to think externally.

Think of others first.


When we focus less on ourselves and more on others we find that we are happier.

Remember the joy you feel when you give a gift.

The pride you feel when you help someone.

I honestly believe that loving on others is loving yourself.

Most of us wish to be nice people but it doesn’t come as easy as you expect.

Its an internal world.

Its a selfish world.

But to make it different we can only start with ourselves.

So before you react in frustration or anger remind yourself to never judge.

You never know what journey the other is on.

A woman walks with flip flops in Washington, July 15, 2003.

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