Dear Fatty

Last week I had a lovely comment on my blog. I use the word lovely as sarcastically as possible as the comment was in fact a insult.

Someone, some troll had decided I needed to be taken down a peg or two and tell me that I was fooling myself if I believed that I was anything but a fatty.

 How nice!

 Yet the thing that got me about this comment was my reaction.

 I seriously couldn’t give a crap. (Thats me being polite).

Six months ago that comment would have sent me to my knees. I would have cried and hated myself.

But last week I just laughed.

You see I have finally accepted something about myself.

Yes I’m a fatty 

 But you know what?

I am blooming beautiful too.

So thank you Miss xxxxxx for your comment last week. You made me realise how far I have come on my journey.


11 thoughts on “Dear Fatty

  1. Oh Sara ~ How sad that some must cut down rather than lift up. You are beautiful ~ inside and out ~ but I know you know that. Revel in the true confidence you possess and be thankful that you can move forward, press on, while Miss whoever will be stuck in her petty small-minded dark little world.
    Love your candidness here.
    Be blessed,


  2. Absolutely hunni – that person did you a favour by letting you know just how strong you are – that small minded taunts like that mean nothing. You are beautiful, and secure in who you are, and that’s a sign of true inner beauty also – which this troll obviously doesn’t have. Loving the blog and following you now sweetie – isn’t twitter a great place 🙂
    Love Vicky


  3. Andrea

    You know what? The older I get the more and more I see thin people becoming bitter towards fat people and the more I realise it’s because they’re annoyed that we can be happy AND eat. Depriving yourself of anything makes you miserable, depriving yourself of something that you think is going to make you happy but which actually makes you sad makes you doubly miserable and then seeing someone having what you are depriving yourself of to make you happy and them being happy having it makes you triply miserable and bitter.

    The world would be a better place if people just did what they wanted to and stopped making themselves miserable by trying to adhere to a stereotype of what is beautiful and actually felt beautiful inside themselves. It would also be a better place if they stopped hating on other people because they are happy as they are.

    I saw someone post on FB the other day, I quote “I am so angry that I can’t eat cake and yet I see my fat friend eating cake and I hate it, I want to take it out of her hand and rub it into her face”. Get a grip woman! That is sad, far sadder than being overweight and happy and definitely sadder than eating cake because you like it.

    I see my skinny ‘friends’ loosely use that word, always bloomin ill, they are sickly buggers, always at the doctor, always off work, no energy, no get up and go, no brightness in their cheeks because they are mal nourished and there’s me, supercalifragilisticly morbidly obese or whatever they want to label me, pushing 50 and don’t know what illness is.

    Ignore them, anyone who takes time to hate someone else is not a happy person, I just hope that these people find something to love about themselves one day.


  4. JC

    Others inadequacies make us vulnerable. Being larger myself I know the stigma attached to being “big” “fat”. It is something I have had virtually all my life but you learn to live with it. Some want to change, others can’t.
    You are an inspiration for all women of whatever size, colour or persuasion.
    Why did they not comment on all you have had to overcome in your life than a back handed criticism.
    much love. J.


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