Nelson Mandela – A great man


My heart broke on Thursday when I heard the news of the death of Nelson Mandela. Even though i had been expecting it due to his prolonged illness I was still praying his light would shine a little longer.


I cannot remember when I first heard about President Mandela. I think I may have been just in my teens. I know at this time that he was still in prison. I couldn’t believe that the world was still punishing people for the colour of their skin. My heart ached for the injustice in the world.

So on that wonderful day in 1990 I cried as I watched the news of his freedom. After 27 years of imprisonment he was finally free.

I watched a great man teach a nation, teach the world about compassion. His heart open to those who had opposed him, those that had imprisoned him.

Equality, fairness a future for all regardless of the colour of your skin or the wealth of your family.

I watched with pride in 1993 as he was awarded the Nobel peace prize.
It was so well deserved.

Nelson Mandela was an inspiration and he will continue to inspire the generations that follow him.

We mourn the lost of a great man, but more so we celebrate the life he lived and the lives he changed.


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