Things I am grateful for this week.

I was really excited when I read that over at Single Mother Ahoy, Vicky was hosting a new weekly linky called “Weekly Gratitude”.

I try very hard to live a life in gratitude but sometimes I fail terribly. Its that human part of me always letting me down. Anyway this is a fantastic reminder for me. It fact it is a fantastic reminder for us all. Pop over to Vicky’s blog and join in.

Anyway my Weekly Gratitude 

This week has been chaotic I am so very exhausted both emotionally and physically. But yet while it has been hard it is has also been a week where I have a lot to be grateful.

Firstly my family and friends. My husband has really had to pick up the slack this week with the household chores, meals etc. I’ve been super busy with training courses and meetings. I’ve also had some health news which has worried me a little and my family and friends have been so supportive.

Secondly I am grateful for the NHS. No matter how many times we hear news of health cuts and waiting lists. I am so thankful for a health service that is free to all.

Thirdly I am grateful for my children, both birth children and foster ones. This week I have watched my daughter receive an award for all the extra curricular activities she takes part in. Recognition for her dedication to sports teams and music pursuits.  My foster son also received an award for all his hard work and all he has overcome. I am super proud of all my kids.

Lastly I am grateful for a new wheelchair that we are going to fetch today. This will make our lives so much easier and make getting out and about more fun.

So see even in a chaotic exhausting week I have so much to be thankful for.

Thank you Vicky for this linky xxx


One thought on “Things I am grateful for this week.

  1. It is so important to stop and be grateful, it really does change your perspective on life. For the last 3 years I have run a linky called Reasons to be Cheerful which is a gratitude linky and it has helped me no end ot focus on the positive. But I have decided to stop it and take it back to its roots and it will again be called ‘Grace in small things’ and it is all about my gratitude and where I see God working, so important to give Him the glory, as I know you do.

    Mich x


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