I need my coffee

Its a well known fact in my house that mom needs her coffee. With many late nights and too many early mornings I honestly believe I survive on caffeine alone.

Over the years i have in my husband’s words become a “coffee snob” liking only the richer stronger blends.

So when I was approached by Beanie’s  I wasn’t sure as I simply haven’t a taste for flavoured coffee’s but  I did decide to give them a go as their reputation for quality coffee preceded them.

Personally I didn’t enjoy them but I know that this is just my view as the teenagers really enjoyed them. Especially the carmel flavoured one which was described as naughty but nice. Even my husband who isn’t a coffee drinker enjoyed a mug or two.

The quality of the coffee is evident in the taste and for anyone who enjoys their flavoured coffee I recommend them.

They have a variety of flavours, we tried the Caramel, the Amaretto Almond and the Winter Warmer but there are many more flavours in the range for you to try if these are not to your taste. My girls have already requested I get the Double Choc.

photo 1

I do really recommend the brand and I think they are perfect to have in your cupboard especially with the forthcoming season. A bit of variety for your Christmas visitors.

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