My Christmas Hero.

I love blogging but never more so than when I get the opportunity to love on someone I respect and admire.

So when I was asked by Thorntons  to choose someone to be my Christmas Hero I seriously jumped at the chance. It was so simple to know who I was going to choose, as this lady is not only my hero but the hero of hundreds of children.

Let me introduce you to my dear friend Ros

I met Ros about three years ago at our annual camping trip with Special Kids in the UK. Straight away I knew we would be friends but I never expected the impact she would make on my life.

Ros is one of those ladies that tells it as it is but while this may seem straight forward to some her honesty is always full of love and compassion.

She is a mother,grandmother and a foster parent to children with special needs too. She is always busy either involved with family, church activities, special needs or with her charity work.

Yet while she has a super active life she has always been there for me over the last few years.

She is the person I turn to when I am feeling low.

She is the person I look to for strength.

She is my dear dear friend.

But the reason I have chosen Ros to be my Christmas Hero is because of the tireless work she does throughout the year filling shoeboxes for the Operation Christmas Child. Each year Ros tries to send as many as she can to children across the world in need. From the moment the van leaves with this years boxes she starts on those for the following year. Last year Ros and her family and friends made a 1000 boxes for the Samaritan’s Purse. A thousand boxes how incredible is that. When I asked Ros while she does this her answer was simply “Every box is a child’s smile”. A pretty amazing reason from an amazing lady.

So its easy to see why I choose Ros as my Thornton’s Christmas Hero.

To be honest Ros is my year round hero. I think she is  simply wonderful and I am blessed to call her my friend.

Enjoy your chocolates Ros.



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