Every box is a smile on a child’s face- Operation Christmas Child.

I’ve have just spend a couple of days in wet cold Swansea.

But being cold and wet wasn’t really an issue become we were wrapped in friendship and love.

The purpose of our visit to beautiful Swansea was for our eldest to view the university and get to spend some time with her boyfriend who she misses desperately.

So while she got to view the university in the care of boyfriend we got to spend some quality time with a dear friend.

Visiting my friends house was like walking into home. It was one of those places that makes you feel comfortable straight away. She has a beautiful family who make you smile with their real love and affection for each other.

My friend has become a dear part of my life over the last few years. If I could get myself adopted by her I truly would. Our talks always leave me feeling stronger and so very loved.

One thing that really inspires me about my friend is the time she invests in others. One of these investments she classes as her gift of smiles. Each year she makes shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. That statement does not really explain to the extend of what she does. Last year she made a 1000 shoeboxes for children worldwide who have faced hardship, poverty, disaster, war, disease . She made my heart ache when she was stressing that this year she may not reach this amount because she has had an extremely hard busy year. Though when I told her to please be kind to herself her reply was “every box is a smile on a child face”. How can you argue with that?

So I ask you my blogging friends to please make a Shoebox this year. All the details of what is needed are here on the Samaritans purse website.


It’s really easy to do and such fun as well. My youngest loved being part of this she starts collecting items for her boxes early throughout the year. I think she wraps up a whole lot of love in her boxes too.

Please consider packing a box this year. It is a wonderful thing to do and it brings so much joy to the children that receive them. Its truly a gift on unconditional love and simply  because in my dear friends words. “Every box is a child smile”. 

The Power Of A Simple Gift

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