I ‘am” a mom of a disabled child.

After losing Livvy many was surprised by the fact that I stayed part of the disabled world.

The place that I was given no choice to join I was now making a conscious decision to belong to.

I was surprised by this because for me there wasn’t really any choice.
You see I had never left.

From the moment Olivia was born I became part of this world. I became a mom to a disabled child.

When she died I was still a mom of a disabled child.
I still care about fighting to get support for families with disabled children.
I’m determined to continue to raise awareness for Rett syndrome and fundraise for the financial backing needed for research.
 I’m still going to care.
This is still my life.
Having Olivia may have been the entrance door which I walked through, but once you enter this world you don’t leave.
It has your heart
It has your soul.
I wasn’t a mom of a disabled child.
I am a mom of a disabled child. 

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