Shall I give in?

I am having an ongoing argument with my husband regarding the size of our television. It seems we are so far behind that we are to quote him “embarrassing.”

He tries so hard to tell me about how amazing it would be to have a new Smart TV and how it would add to my viewing pleasure.

I argue back with comments that viewing  pleasure should be gained from the actual programmes we are watching.

He obviously disagrees and launches into a fully prepared defence regarding the need for surround sound and 3D.

He tries to convince me that investing in a new up to date television with 3D will save us money in the long run as it’s cheaper to watch films at home than having to go to the actual cinemas. That the girls would love it and that here at home we can have popcorn and endless drinks without taking out a second mortgage.

I can see his point there.

That having the ability to watch films in 3D will add to my viewing pleasure.

That the kids would think I was the most amazing mom it the world.

Times are changing he tells me and I need to keep up.

That man should have been a salesman.

I argued against our first wide screen television. I believed I was happy with the old square one. Yet  after one episode of CSI  I was hooked.

So am I swaying to his point of view or to quote the man himself ” coming over to the dark side ” ( seriously this man really doesn’t help himself).

I think it’s the cinema at home experience that may finally convince me. Trying to get to the actual cinema is hard work. Babysitters tend to get used for school concerts or children’s events.

I wouldn’t mind getting to experience the cinema experience right from my sofa it would be  a lot more comfy than those cinema chairs.

Maybe I will give in but not to until I have negotiated unlimited supplies of popcorn and coffee.



*This is a sponsored post.

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