Kid”s Capture the Colour

Brodie my youngest was excited to take part in this years Kid’d Capture the colour competition and exciting way to get kids interested in photography but also allow them to be more aware of whats around them.

Now Brodie was excited when she first received her camera but the art of patience is lost on my child and it wasn’t long before she got frustrated at not getting the perfect shot first time.

Saying all this I don’t think she has done too bad.

RED – I love this one it is rather edgy.


YELLOW – this one was taken from a distance and simply because she liked the car.


BLUE – This I think is my favourite as I love sky photos.



WHITE– This is her favourite ornament of mine, what other reason do you need?DSCF0215

GREEN – Her foster brothers favourite toy.DSCF0054


All together not to bad. We were selected to receive a digital camera to take part in this competition. Unfortunately we received ours after our summer holiday otherwise I do believe the scope may have been wider.

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