Nobel Laureates 2013

I was so excited to read this today.

Thomson Reuters Predicts 2013 Nobel Laureates

Why you may ask.

Well its simple there in PHYSIOLOGY or MEDICINE category is Dr Adrian P. Bird a Buchanan Professor of Genetics at the University of Edinburgh Scotland.

This man may not be known to you but for Rett Syndrome parents everywhere this man gave us hope.

In 2007 it was in this lab that researchers were able to demonstrate that Rett Syndrome is hypothetically reversible.


It was and is because of the tireless research and expertise by Dr Adrian Bird and others like him that the cure is now not just a dream but is within our grasp.

I  had the honour of  briefly meeting Dr Bird a few years ago and was impressed not just by his commitment to his research but also by his dedication to the plight of our girls. His compassion to me when I told him of the loss of Livvy will always stay with me.

The winners of the above award will be announced on Monday. I pray that Dr Adrian Bird receives the recognition he deserves. I also pray that this would bring Rett research to the forefront of  the scientific community.

Whatever the outcome Dr Bird is my hero already.




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