She used to laugh when I scolded her sisters. Big belly laughs that ended any argument.

Taking life for the moment, giggling until she couldn’t grasp a breath and still laughing on.

Dropping toys on the floor so her sisters would come close, pulling them in for a hug or a slap whichever the moment took her.

Batting her eyelashes at handsome men. Smiling her coy smile catching them in her net, they taking her into their hearts.


Daddy and granddads they stood no chance each caught in her hearts trap. Mommy’s and Nanna’s too.

Nobody stood a chance, she fell straight into your heart forever.

She was known as the biscuit thief, chocolate her favourite. Teachers losing their break time snack to those asking eyes. New friends made by her impishness.


She was the author of so many stories we get to share. Escape attempts and ice skating speed races.  Wine stealing and campsite shenanigans.

The main character of many tales.

She gave sparkle to the dullest day

With wild blond curls and eyes like sirens she trapped you in her spell.IMG_1489

Proving doctors wrong she defied the odds and she never gave up.

They said she couldn’t, she proved she could.

Life was embraced and people were to be loved.

So she loved and she was so very loved.


But for this world she was to be no more.

She was to lose the battle to the evil known as Rett syndrome.

She was to never grow old.

My beautiful brave baby girl.

My precious daughter

She was to stay forever nine.

But she will stay forever mine.

She was my Livvy

She is my Livvy.

Five Minute Friday

5 thoughts on “She….

  1. Hi there,

    I hopped over via your comment on my blog. Your daughter is so precious – amazing smile and curls and you can tell she felt so very loved. I’m so sorry she had to leave so early. May Jesus continue to hold and heal your heart.

    Beautiful post. Blessings, friend.


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