Sometimes I wish I could be a stronger person. That I could look back without regrets or forward without fears.

I find myself playing situations over and over in my head wondering if I could have done something different if I could have been better, nicer, kinder, stronger.

My husband gets mad at me and tells me to move on but it isn’t easy. I don’t like hurting anyone and hate to think I was causing anyone pain.
The truth is we cannot please everyone at all times.

So we have to focus on the ones we love. The ones that need us to be their protectors and of course those who are there for you too.

Those who are your strength when you are weak, who hold your heart in their safe hands.

Life is about making choices and not everyone will like the ones you make but the fact is its “your” choice.

We are imperfect people in an imperfect world.

Losing Livvy taught me many things one is that life is short to stay in situations that cause you pain. You have to take each day and fill it with love.

To not waste a moment.

Live the life you dream off.

So I challenge you all stop looking back and move forward with courage.

Fill your life with love and laughter.

I know I’m trying to.


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