24 hours and counting

I know I’ve been quiet here the last month or so but with the children off school I haven’t really had time to make sense of my thoughts or string words together.

It’s been a weird exhausting holiday we have had lots of fun and made some special memories but its been a hard one too.

My foster son requires complete supervision and that in itself is tiring but add his aversion to sleep you really do have one shattered mommy.

My 12 year old is growing up so quick and we are suffering from what we call the “senior school syndrome”.
You know the one where they go to senior school and turn from sweet little girls into vile stroppy creatures.

The teens have been driving me mad one with her “I’m so embarrassed by my family” attitude and the other with her Aspergers “lets not let mommy out of my sight ” phrase. Between them I have many grey hairs coming through.

So yes I’m shattered and I will put my hands up and say with relief “yes they are going back to school tomorrow”.

Six weeks is too long. I seriously need my routines back. In fact we all do.

I’m hoping they all have a great time back at school being with their friends.

I’m looking forward to spending time with my friends to.

I’m also looking forward to having ten minutes without hearing the word “mom”.

Don’t get me wrong I love being a mom but I’m missing Sara a little.

So the countdown begins

24 hours to go.


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