Time is my enemy.

I’ve been thinking a lot since I returned from my week away about time and how much it controls our lives.

Anyone who knows me will already know I have an issue with time. Time as in the measurements of life, hours, minutes, seconds. It’s a manmade calculation which personally drives me insane.

I often wonder if we are missing out on the present due to the focus on our future.

How often to you stand there and just appreciate the now. Our brains are always on the next event mode. Appointments we have to keep, jobs that need doing, places we have to be.

Time controls our lives and not in good way.

Last week on that camping field time seemed irrelevant.

We ate when we were hungry. We visited when we wanted. Everything was done on a free basis. It was pure bliss.

I know it wasn’t the real world it was a week away from appointments and jobs well not really for us as fostering is a full time, 24 hour a day job but you get the gist.

It was relaxed and free.

Although I hate the concept of time I am also a total slave to it.

I live my life by technology and Filofaxes.

Diaries, alarms you name it I’m a slave to them.

Appointments, phone calls, deadlines they all have me tight.

My watch and I have a love hate relationship

Yet after my week away I have decided I needed to do something about this.

I need to loosen the grip this measurement foe has on me.

I’m going to make a conscious effort to be in the now more.

To slow down my pace in life.

I know I cannot live my life in a field but I can bring the field into my life a little.


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