What would you save???


After watching the above video I was wondering about what I would rush to save if my home was being destroyed.


Now of course my children, husband and pets would be the first things I would get to safety.


But what after them would I consider to be my priceless possessions.


My memories 


Tied up in my photographs, scrapbooks and memory boxes I have memories of my children’s childhood.


In my memory boxes I have some of Livvy’s favorite things which when I hold close bring her closer to me.


In the photographs I have the images of my four girls together. Photos I can never replace or redo.


I know I should probably think about the macbook or jewelry as they are the expensive items but these precious memories are simply priceless to me. Like the above video shows  true value is what is in your heart not your bank balance.




So yes if my home was being destroyed my memories would be what I would rush to save.



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