Walking a new path

Now I’m not new to special needs. I am versed in the medical terms and the reality of it all but to be honest nothing has really prepared me for the pathway I have been walking this last few months.


Aspergers  is a condition I have known about for a while but not something I was ready to admit my daughter had, even if I have suspicions for well forever.


To be perfectly truthful I have known for a long time my daughter had her own way of doing things.


Literal thinking to the extreme.


Communication issues






Self doubt


No concept of sarcasm.


Yet I have just related them to her being her mothers daughter 😮 I mean I so don’t get people at the best of times and weird obsessions, well lets not go there.


But over the last year we have noticed how much she has struggled and it has broke our hearts.


So when something came to a head a few months ago we took the plunge and asked for a referral to have her assessed.


Well the assessment has happened and what should have taken over 6 months has now been amended into waiting for an appointment for the official diagnoses.  It seems she is showing all the characterizes of a child with Aspergers and to quote the therapist “she is obvious”. Hence the quicker appointment.


Now ok, this has been a shock to the system but lets be honest it doesn’t change who she is. She is still Eden to us. It will just help us, help her as she grows and goes through life.


She is an amazing young lady with a mind that is so vast and so knowledgable. I am just hoping this diagnoses and the support she will get will help her find her way a little easier and to be a little kinder to herself.


So now we wait to see the consultant and officially start our new pathway into the world of Aspergers.




3 thoughts on “Walking a new path

  1. Good luck. I know the path you are walking in now. The path of late diagnosis, of assessments, of specialists. We went through a similar thing with our 4 years old this past year. He was diagnosed with Ocular Albinism, and was suspected of also having Autism traits.
    I wish you the best of luck on your journey, and I just want to say that it is okay. It is a long journey, with up and with downs, with good moments and really bad ones. But in the end of the day, you are right, your daughter is still the same amazing young lady. Whom you will now be able to help more.
    Orli xx


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