So am I after your body?

Seriously at times I have considered getting rid of the pre-approval of comments on my blog and just trusting in the human race.

But then a couple of months ago I had quite an aggressive one about me being a bad mother so I left well alone.

But nothing prepared me for today’s highlight.

A few weeks ago I wrote this post about starting to learn to love and respect myself as I am.

It was a well received post with a lost of people tweeting, messaging me saying they also are trying to get into that place too.

Well today I was surprised to receive this comment.

“This isn’t about finding yourself it’s about getting attention cause you are vain. Or maybe you are after a sympathy shag”.

Seriously how in the world do I respond to that?

Obviously this person believes my journey is about vanity rather than self confidence and self respect.

To be perfectly honest I’m in shock at this response. I don’t believe I was courting attention at all.

I wasn’t going to publish this as to be honest I was embarrassed but you know what that’s how bullies work. By making you stay quiet and question who you are.

My journey is simply that MINE. It’s something I am going on for me.

I share it so others can relate not to procure sexual favours.

Enough said !!!!

Comment deleted </strong>

6 thoughts on “So am I after your body?

  1. Lisa Kidd

    I’ll never understand the workings of the human mind. I enjoy reading your blog Sara, its intelligently wrote with care and respect. Anyone who has lost someone can relate to what you write, its heartbreaking when someone writes such ridiculous comments and be littles the good work you do. Love to u xxx


  2. Tina

    Sorry Sara I nearly choked on my drink when I read your FB intro to this post.
    I’m sorry you were hurt even for an instant by this ridiculous comment but it says far more about the author of the comment than it does about you.
    Sending a hug xxx


  3. It’s a troll. For whatever the hell reason, they enjoy meandering around blogs and leaving ridiculous, hurtful, contentious – you name it, comments. It’s also a young, thick-as-a brick teenager ’cause not many grown women would jump to the “wanting a shag” conclusion.
    You just have to pity them really.


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