Miracles didn’t happen.

It’s a well known fact that I’m not domesticated in fact I loathe domestic chores.( I may have mentioned this before ha ha). I honestly believe that those who say they enjoy cleaning really need to seek help as its so beyond me.

Yet for the last twelve months I have been one of Panasonic bloggers. Learning about the new products they have to offer. Being part of the group has been fun even if my husband is right and they only had me as a test subject ie, if we can convince that domestic phobic to use out products we can convince anyone.
Anyway a couple of months  ago I had spent my last day with the Panasonic team and came home with a new vacuum cleaner in tow.

The Panasonic Eco-max Light 


Now after my new found love of baking thanks to the awesome Panasonic combi oven my husband was hoping and praying that the cleaner would turn me into a domestic goodness and he could finally hang up his rubber gloves.


Well sorry miracles haven’t happened ?


As much as the vacuum cleaner is lightweight and easy to use. I still hate cleaning.


We have been using this vacuum cleaner for the last few months and to be honest with a house full of four children and one crazy labador it has done well. It has a very strong suction which has kept our floors clean.


It is very lightweight and has been easier for the kids to use, so much that at times we have even seen their bedrooms floors.


It does have a fantastic head which rotates around corners and under funtuture better than any previous cleaners we have had.


It is very Eco- friendly using less energy but is still incredibly powerful.


It is a pretty good vacuum cleaner but seriously I’ve tried to get excited about cleaning but its not happening.


My husband has been using it more than me and the one comment  he had was that he would have preferred better tools. The nozzle tool is so tiny and although it does stop us sucking up lego blocks etc it is a little small for us. Making cleaning the stairs a longer job then neccsary.


As i’ve stated it is a great light weight vacuum cleaner and for a lady like myself who suffers with bone issues it has made cleaning eaiser just not more attractive ha ha. Because of its lightweight size it has put less pressure on my joints.


I honestly feel like I’m not doing this cleaner justice so I’m going to let the experts tell you about it.


It is a great lightweight hoover and well worth checking out.


Disclosure – I was given a vacuum cleaner for the purpose of this review all opinions were my own or in this case my husbands too.


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