Searching for Tinkerbell

Four and a half years ago I laid my beautiful 9 year old daughter to rest.

As we placed her ashes in a grave I promised that it would be one of the prettiest graves ever. That may sound silly but it’s the only thing I can do for her right now.

It’s a place for us really. A place where I can go to love upon her. Each week we place roses and flowers. Celebrating her life. Celebrating our love for a beautiful girlie.


When we laid Livvy’s stone we placed a Tinkerbell ornament upon her stone.

For many years Livvy’s nickname has been Tinkerbell.

It could have been because of her wild blonde hair.

Or it may have been because of the way she flitted off to Neverland with her seizures.

Whatever the reason it suited her to a tee, the mischievous little one.

So the ornament was perfect for her.

Unfortunately over the years the elements have left Tinkerbell looking worse for wear and I want to replace her with a new one.

The problem is I cannot find another one.

I have a saved searched on eBay for nearly a year. I’ve searched amazon and every site google has offered up and I’m at a lost.

So I am turning to you my friends across the Internet.

Please help me locate another Tinkerbell for Livvy’s grave.

Please keep an eye out at your local garden centres, online sites etc.

This is so important to me.

Thank you for reading this and helping me on my quest.

4 thoughts on “Searching for Tinkerbell

  1. sue

    I will keep my eyes open for one. In the,meantime have you thought about painting it with fresh paints. I know you’re arty and it would be very personal x


    1. admin

      I’m actually useless at painting or anything like that. I so wish I wasn’t as my imagination flows but my skill set does not.


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