A beautiful day on the water

On Sunday I had the joy of spending a day with those I love in a beautiful setting.

We spent the day on a barge travelling down the Llangollen canal.

To be truthful I was nervous about this trip for two reasons.

One having an autistic child on a barge may not be a restful idea.

Two the last time I took this trip we were celebrating the birthday of my beautiful Livvy.

Yet I shouldn’t have worried.

Yes it was exhausting my foster son was up and down like a yo yo but he was also fascinated by the barge, the scenery and especially the friends we were lucky to spend the day with.

Yes my mind was on Livvy a lot throughout the day, I could see her on the barge blowing out her candles trying to kiss her fireman Sam cake. Hanging over the barge sides watching the water as we travelled. I could also see her driving the boat and remembered how much joy she had from that day. Priceless memories.

livvy barge

Yet I didn’t need to worry about these memories as my friends blessed me with chance to share them to openly talk about her and what I was feeling. I cannot tell you what a gift that was.

It certainly made my day extra special.

The barge trip was truly beautiful. The sun shone upon us and the trees protected us in their shade.

The company was wonderful.

The food delightful

The barge was filled with laughter and joy.

Truly beautiful.

If my words don’t convince you maybe my photos will.


IMG_9794barge2 IMG_9796barge3 IMG_9799barge 4 IMG_9813barge 5 IMG_9816barge 6 IMG_9825barge 7 IMG_9831barge 8 IMG_9837barge 9

IMG_9869barge 10
It was a wonderful day and I am so thankful for the friends I got to share it with.
IMG_9880barge best friends
* I did have all three daughters with me but my number two was feeling camera shy xxx


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