The reason why.

Yesterday I attended the Compassion UK conference for advocates in the West Midlands and other areas.

It was a truly inspiring day and I am slowly working my way through all that I learned and all that I will share at a later date.

The thing is as I came home I was on one of my social media sites when I was asked the question, why am I an advocate?

This person couldn’t understand why I would give up my free time to something that wasn’t really part of my life.

To be honest I could write a long winded reply reminding him that we are all God’s children and that the place we are born shouldn’t be the reason for survival.

I could write about all that Jesus did for us when I, when we wasn’t part of his life.

But I’m not going to….

I’m going to share a video that yesterday reminded me why I am an advocate for Compassion UK and why I will do all that I can to get a child sponsored and lifted from poverty in Jesus name.

Please watch this video and may God place child sponsorship on your heart.

This child and the millions of others is my reason why.

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