Hope in love

Do me a favor?

Walk to your kitchen turn on your tap and grab yourself a glass of water.

How easy was that?

Now open your fridge, cupboards and make yourself a snack.

Do you realise how lucky you are?

I’m not talking about grand meals or expensive drinks.

I’m talking about basics and the fact that over a billion children in this world do not have access to the basic requirements to keep them nourished, to keep them well.

They have no possibility of an education.The opportunity to learn, to help them rise up out of poverty.

Yet they still hold on to hope and that hope could be you.


“Give out of your luxury to meet someone’s necessity”

Patrick – Rend Collective


In 26 countries around the world Compassion is being that hope.

Their child sponsorship programme is right now being the hope to over 1.3 million children.


Hope in the form of food, clothing and healthcare.


Hope in the form of education,


But most importantly


Hope in love


By sponsoring a child with Compassion you can become that hope in love.



You will take a child out of poverty and show them how much they are loved.


You will get to exchange letters of encouragement and kindness.


You will read words that together will form the passage of hope.


Child sponsorship through compassion works. It’s been proved.



Yet the only prove you will really need will be found in your sponsored child’s face.


You can be hope.



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