Another planet

Seriously please tell me I’m not alone.

Teenagers really are from another planet right?

I honestly give up trying to understand them. I seem to have the knack of getting everything wrong.

Also what was cool one day is soooo not the next.

I need a guidebook that has a daily entry full of what’s ok for that given day.

Don’t get me wrong I love my girls but my goodness it was so much easier when they were little.

Give me four under five any day

People tell me it’s them finding their place in this world, they own identify .

I’m a bit concerned that being stroppy individuals is their true identity.

As for sisterly love I’m sure it should be rephrased “well I haven’t killed her today”.

I am at a lost, I’m considering moving country for a few years well until they are adults anyway.

I know I know, these years are precious and I will miss them when they leave home, but marking days off a calendar is ok isn’t it.

I love them but I’m shattered.

Tell me it gets easier, if not please send wine.


2 thoughts on “Another planet

  1. I’m always fascinated by posts like these, but perhaps I was just lucky with my daughters? I will probably eat my words as my youngest, who is a boy, and therefore from Mars, heads inexorably towards 13, but I actually like teenagers.

    And I remember what is was like. Well people do tend to say that I haven’t changed at all, so perhaps they mean I’m just like a teenager still. That would be wrong! I am much better behaved.

    I am curious though if other parents remember what it was like?`

    By the way, your girls looks lovely 🙂


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