My brave daughter

It may be heading towards five years since we lost Livvy but sometimes it only feels like yesterday.

Only this week my eldest was undertaking a first aid course as part of her training for her Saturday job.

Anyway she was doing fine enjoying learning new knowledge when they came to the part about resuscitation.


She was back to the fateful morning when she woke to the sounds of tears and the presence of paramedics trying their hardest to save her sister.

Her heart just broke and the tears began to fall.

She couldn’t continue and had to leave.

Past had become present.

Present had become painful.

Moving forward isn’t easy, we laugh, we plan and we live life.

But we all have scars.

Scars of memories that will never leave us, they are just part of our make up.

I’m grateful the good memories outweigh the bad but each of them form a piece of our identity.

Who we are!!

I’m so proud of my amazing daughter, she returned to the course the next day and completed her training.

One brave young woman I’m blessed to call my daughter.

One compassionate young lady Livvy is proud to call her sister.



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