I’m only human

Sometimes I just get so fed up of expectations.

What others think I should be doing.

Only yesterday I was moaning about needed a break from life.

From the arguing of my teenagers. The constant roundabout of general day to day issues.

I just wanted a night out with my girlfriends.

When a email I received about being ungrateful really struck at my heart.

Also it told me I should know better really hurt.

Yes I am a bereaved mom and yes I cherish my children

But I am only human.

Losing Livvy didn’t turn me into a saint.

I still get frustrated at my teens.

Still get cross when they act all entitled.

I’m human.

Also none of these feelings ever stop me loving them any less.

It’s ok to need a break now and again.

It’s ok to have a need to be called Sara rather than mom.

It isn’t failing at motherhood.

It isn’t taking my children for granted

It’s being normal.

One thought on “I’m only human

  1. So sorry you got that email. There are no super moms who can be “on” all the time. We each need some down time. I’ve walked out the door lots of time when my husband got home from work and said, “they are yours for the next 3 hours”. Stepping away to refresh and restore is not a bad thing. We all need it, from family, from work, from just plaint yucky stuff that drains the life out of us. Don’t let one person who hasn’t gotten to the hair pulling out stage of life yet get to you. Take a deep breath and then step back in.


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