My wet memory making week in Weston

So now I’m home and finally beginning to warm up again I can share my week in wet Weston super mare.

To be honest considering the weather was dismal we did have some fun moments but my goodness at times it was so very cold.

We got to visit a local Orchard and sample some of their sweet cider.


Visit the new Weston pier, which to be honest I felt didn’t have the same character as the old one. To me it was just a walk way to amusement hell.



Though the views off the pier were stunning.


We got take our dog for his first dip in the sea and even he thought it was too cold.



Of course we had the family posing moments.


IMG_8989edenposeIMG_9052Brodie pose


We also got to have a wonderful lunch  at the seafront Belvedere bar club & Terrace the fish was simply yummy. I really recommend trying it out if you are ever in Weston.



The girls also had to try out the rides.



So as I said it was wet, it was cold but we were together as a family.

Making memories.




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