I may not be strong but I have strength.

On Saturday I attended a woman’s conference working as an advocate for Compassion UK. It was a great day and before I left 6 children had been lifted out of poverty in Jesus name. 6 with new sponsors and at the beginning of a new life.

The guest speaker for the conference was Jeff Lucas. I had read a few of Jeff’s books but have never heard him speak before.

To be honest he was pretty amazing. He challenges you in a way that leaves you wanting, no needing to do more.

To challenge yourself to live the best life you can.

One statement he left us with was

” There are no strong people just people with strengths.”

This really hit home as I find myself at this time not feeling strong at all.

Yet some how I move forward.

Somehow I find the strength to face what’s coming.

I have strengths

I have weaknesses.

They are mine and mine to own.

They are what makes me unique.

The building blocks in the tower of my life.

I may not be strong but I have strengths.

The strength from the love of my children.

The strength from the love of my husband.

The strength from my friends.

The strength from my faith.


I am not always strong but I have strength.

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