Hide & Seek Scooby Doo – Review


It’s been a crazy few days following our fun Easter Day. Keeping the kids occupied in the holidays isn’t easy especially with the mixture of age groups.

Thankfully though I was given the opportunity to review the Hide and Seek Scooby Doo from the Scooby Doo collection at Littlewoods.’ 

This was such a fun toy that actually had us all in giggles. It was fun to hide it and watch the others go seek, even the teenagers played along a little. This was of course after we prised in out of my foster sons arms as he just loved it and loved to cuddle Scooby.
The concept is simple one hides Scooby while the others hold the controller which gives verbal commands about how cold you are to the hiding place or how warm you are.
You do find yourself getting rather excited when it tells you that you hot.
To be honest the minimum age for this toy is from 3 years but I had a 42 year old man who had lots of fun trying to find the best hiding places.
It is a fun toy and its great for getting children (adults) to play together.


* I was given this toy for the purpose of this review by Littlewoods Online a great range of online catalogues




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